Jan 1, 2017

2016 Retrospective From Adam And The Scumm Crew ...



Hi Paul

Happy New Year!

All the best to you and your Family!

Not a lot happening down here on the NSW South Coast.  Summer wind dribble combined with thousands of keen holiday makers, so those fantastic 4 months of winter bliss are just a distant memory for us now. Please, can someone hit the fast forward button to May and hopefully let the fun begin again???

This is from 6 months ago, with Neal and I riding our Omni and Tracker RT on a small and slightly windy, but uncrowded ( just us till one other paddled out).  So much fun and such a perfect wave for crossovers and speed runs , Gilligans Island = maximum FUN!

We also rescued a distressed seal, which was all tangled up in a old fish net, the poor little fella must have been washed up into the scrub , way back in the shoreline, this was just after that massive East Coast Low we experienced back then , so he could have been trapped for over a week. Lucky for him some visiting tourist heard him and asked us for some help, so Neal with a pair of gloves and knife was able to cut him free.



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Rob Pollard said...

That seal was so stoked! I'm glad you guys met at the right place and time to set him free.