Nov 16, 2017

From Geoffrey

Imagine this on a mat!

When I first got a mat and was in major kook phase, I went to Puerto Escondido. Found La Punta a few miles down the beach ($0.10 "taxi" ride in little pickup trucks called "Publicos).  I totally lucked out and it was exactly like in this vid thought most days a bit smaller, chest to head high or slightly over. Outside more of a roller but bigger so the very small crowd was out there. There was a long every flat spot between that and the inside that looked just like the video for at least 100-150 yards. Took me about 3 days to feel I had reached a low, intermediate level of mat riding and was getting fully covered and making it out, carving the occasional cutback bottom turn combo etc. A major memory trace for the old age home! HAH!


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