Nov 21, 2017

From Rob



I had a blast surfing with Chris, Mark, and Ryman Saturday! I was surfing the Standard Super Sport, and it performed beautifully in the 3’ Shore Pound.
Chris embodies how fun mat surfing is in these shots! He knows how to let go!
Sunday it’s was super small and soft, only Chris and I ventured out. Below is one shot from the session.
What a difference a day makes, still super fun and the small soft waves build great paddling technique to get into big waves earlier!
All pictures of me where taken by Chris, he also took the sick shot of Mark deep in the Barrel! Yeeeeewwwwwww! The other shots where taken by me.
I gave away a bracelet after this session to a group of paddle boarders waiting on the tide to fill in. They stopped us to talk about mats, after watching half the session.
Stay Stoked Paul! Positive Vibes and Healing Energy my Friend. The Journey just keeps getting better!

Super Stoked,
Rob Pollard


Meanwhile, in another part of Florida...


Geoffrey Levens said...

Tick-Tock (see Peter Pan) makes white sharks look like Mary Poppins! To Whitey you are an accident. To a croc...dinner. YIKES!!!

tuskedbeast said...

Heh... great comment, Dr. Strange.

Rob, these photos are fantastic. Your photographer friend is very gifted, and you guys are visibly getting more and more a crew of rippers. I'm sure Paul is stoked to add these pics to his case: Mats are the most fun, functional, versatile surf craft, in all kinds of surf. Big ups!

KingWaka said...

10 Quackers from Oz Rob, Keep the Froth Following!

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeewwww! Chris is super talented, and frothin like a Grom all the time! There’s no shortage of Stoke on this Crew, I am blessed and grateful for the people I’ve met on this wonderful mat surfing journey! I don’t think I’ll ever surf another craft, I’m hopelessly addicted to the Speed and Joy mats provide. It’s become my passion to try and give that feeling to those who are in need. This Journey has given me so much, in such a very short period of time, and I am eternally grateful for all of it. I have spent countless hours on the water and my eyes and heart have been forever changed!