Jan 9, 2018

Black Sunday at Bondi Beach, 06 February 1938

Photo: courtesy State Library NSW collections. 25/10/1936. Coogee Beach. Likely by: Sam Hood.

"Because a lot of members of the lifesaving club had come down on the beach to practise for the surf carnival, seventy or eighty of them, it was sheer good fortune that nearly a hundred lifesavers were on hand for the mass rescue of so many people. Mr McDonald and his family, who ran the surf-o-plane hire, ran down with dozens of them to help get anything people could use to stay afloat out in the water. Lifesavers swam out with them, saved someone, then left the float so others could use it to help keep their head above water."

Excerpt: For educational purposes from the historical fiction book, Black Sunday (Australia's Biggest Beach Rescue) by Evan McHugh. Published in 2016 by Scholastic.

Further details here, here, and here.

Heads-up to anyone who has the day off and want to head to Bondi way for the 80th remembrance.

From: Sam Hapa

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