Jan 20, 2018

Cripes...More SCUMM

Hey Paul,

My latest clip of scumm doing what we do best. Sliding on our 4GF mats and having fun.

Hope you're well and getting in the water and having as much fun as we are.

Cheers Phil. (Filthy)


Howdy Paul

Good to see/read you're back in the water mate, Yew.

Just sending you some video from the past couple of weeks, as Paul (Oily) has mention. We go back to work after a near flat holiday season, and it just pumps, so with Friday being my roster day off RDO, we took full advantage of the swell on hand, with fellow scumm bag Neal, sitting out, due to his recent stem cell injections!

Paul got a boo boo on his knee and tore a couple of holes in his Omni, luckily and many thanks to you, we have a few spares to share, so he has a Lotus under his arm for the next splash!

We also twisted Neal's arm for a joke...

I love mat surfing, big or small , does not matter! Its the company that you keep and share waves that make it all fun , so lucky to have these good, like minded friends to play with! Last Sunday , Paul, Phil and myself paddled out early at Gilligans, it was so small, that initially the boys did not want to venture out, but in the end we did, and made the most on what was on offer instead of heading to the nearest coffee shop ;)

Yesterday morning I was down at Mat Reef to watch the sun come up and was joined by Phil for a couple , such a cracker morning, the water was crystal clear, so clean, you could see the reef as you rode along the wave, with the back lite shining thru, it made up for the lack of size, just Phil and I, till finally another punter turned up .

Froth On, and may the force be with You



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Anonymous said...

SCUMM=Amazing mat froth!