Jul 16, 2018

From Bretto

From Oily

Hey Paul,

Hope all you and your mob are happy and healthy.. we are happy healthy and cold.. but it doesn’t stop the stoke in SCUMMville Australia. I've put ‘Dabolt’ my Omni through some stress lately and its starting to show.. haha the repairs from previous abuse have been tried and tested and seem to be holding up a bit ... just..haha.

The patch has come adrift but the rubber seal has held well and i think it should go the distance. Got  a few fun ones with the SCUMMBags at a local rocky out crop on a cold Saturdays morning and as usual the stoke was flowing thick and fast..

Anyways, keep on smiling.


Jul 14, 2018

From George Leone

Like all mat surfers in their right mind, he imagines going right!

Jul 11, 2018

More TS Chris


We got some Tropical Punch in the water today! Yeeewwwwww! I call this one all eyes on me. Fast almost closeout conditions but boy where they Beautiful!

Let those Positive thoughts flow!  Positive Vibes and Healing Energy! Much Love from Florida!

Super Stoked,

Jul 9, 2018

North Florida Morning Light




I got out with Chris this morning...for some Tropical Storm 'Chris' front runner swell! I was blessed to watch the sunrise and catch a couple of Dreamy slides! 
The Omni eats Everything!

Super Stoked,

Jul 7, 2018

From Mikey

Hey Paul,

Few weeks ago traveled up to Oregon and took a couple mats to Short Sands on a somewhat choppy day. My local friend Jeff kicked out for the fist time. We had fun, laughing and screaming while surf boarders struggled to find much. Looking forward to more travel with my mats.

Mikey (Mooks)

Jul 5, 2018

From Michael

 Hi Paul!

New customer feedback...

Just wanted to say THANKS from Journey, myself and George for your Rapid Response that made our holiday fun possible!  Now we just have to experiment a lot to understand how to use the mat better and be STOKED!!


Jul 2, 2018

From Rob


Here are some shots of the micro swell the other day. The Omni still gets down the line!
Positive Vibes and Healing Energy my Friend! Much Love from Florida!