Jul 22, 2018

From Tom

Hello from Kauai Paul!

We're on a bucket-list-dream-vacation to Hawaii.

The trip was/is not about waves, but I brought along some mats and fins.

Spent a week at Turtle Bay and "scored" some "students". On two of the little waves I managed to get around the girl, but then someone shoved another longboard in my path and I got stuck on its wax. (Nobody got hurt and all were smiling afterwards.)

Now were in a beautiful house at the end of the road in Po'ipu with a little private reefbreak right in front of the lanai.

Chillaxing turtles, a seal, and enough solo waves on the standard here to wear me out.

Sorry for the non-pro-cell-phone video-quality, just wanted to send some Aloha.

All the best!

p.s.: Do you know the third guy on the photo? Must have something to do with film&music. Seems to be his place.

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