Aug 27, 2019

More From Oily SCUMM


CAPT Caltrop said...

Did I see black handles fastened to the front corners of the SCUMM surfmats.

Who makes them?

Or how are they made?

Anonymous said...

Okay, our Neal Cameron has bad shoulders and has trouble hanging onto his mat, he simply sika flex's a handle that he cut off from the Redback Surfmat , just one handle is enough to attach a body board leash to. I gave him one of those Lotus's that you sent me and I think he has done the same to it.

I ran him over yesterday, unfortunately it was with my fish with large wooden keels and not a mat, luckily there was no damage to my board and Neal only saw stars for a few minutes (lol) .

As I might have mentioned to you before it would be ideal to attach the handle (they are plastic) under the canvas for a clean finish but Neal just sticks a pile of the sika polyurethane around the handle and it works well.