Aug 7, 2019

R.I.P. Cal Porter

 Cal Porter, 2012.

Cal Porter, legendary Malibu lifeguard and word class waterman, passed away on June 13th of this year. He was 94 years old.

Much has been written about Cal, and by Cal. Here are some samples. They're well worth your time reading...

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tuskedbeast said...

What an extraordinary man, with a unusually rich life, very well lived.
How great that he was a mat rider. I'll bet he surfed more waves after age 88 (as per the obituary) on his mat. I remember the Surfmatters photo fairly recently.

Did you get to know him?

As an aside, I lived in Malibu West in the mid 60s, and one sunny day got bonked in the head by a lost board at Trancas Beach. The lifeguard made sure I was OK, calmed my hysterical mother and the equally frightened teenager surfer. Sounds like by then Cal had moved on to be an inner-city teacher (which is amazing), but that was certainly his turf, and we were probably helped by one of his protégés. Retroactive thanks from 6 degrees....