Jul 13, 2020

Fresh Water Matting

Dear 4th gear,

I’m a landlocked surfer in Denver, Colorado. We have some standing waves that range from steep and fun to ankle biters.

Here is a 1984 Intex mat I was surfing couple days ago at a standing wave 15 minutes from my home that is surfable 12 months out of the year.




My partner is Ellen, and fresh flat water is her favorite place to take the mats out these days. We’re headed up to camp at some alpine lakes in the Trinity Alps this week, and once again the mats will be lashed to our frame packs!

Here's a photo of me (with Ellen behind the camera) taking the mats out on their maiden freshwater voyage, in the slot canyons of Arroyo Seco. Once again, they proved to be the most fun and versatile watercraft I saw anyone riding...

Take care,

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Geoffrey Levens said...

Surfable in Denver being a very relative term HAHAHA! Full disclosure, I live just "over the hill" on Western Slope.