Jul 25, 2020

SCUMM Surf/Shill Session

i Paul
Weird & Wacky times here at the moment as we hurtle towards a 2nd lockdown!

I have been loving reading all the posts on the Surfmatters site but unfortunately cannot share any on my FB page as apparently 'it does not meet community standards' so you must have a real fan there or a frustrated mat rider, either way its weird!

Yesterday morning we were lucky to score some fun waves out at Gilligans with our usual cohorts of friends and would make a point of recommending these Soft Surf Helmets from DMC Fins, considering we surf low to the water it offers extra protection to the head while surfing on those crowded days and helps also with sun protection on the back of your neck and throw in the amphibious eyeware from Barz Optics and you can roll with the whole package!

Stay Wet & Safe


Adam and Bigshot Neal

Neal in Bigshot Evening Wear


proneman said...

Great stuff.....old guys know how to have fun!!

Speedshaper said...

Facebook sees: Old guys + Inflatable things = Expressions of Extreme Pleasure.
There's something special about an activity that isn't "mainstream" and is so hedonistic that it is banned in some places. (A lot like surfing in the very early 60's--which is what certainly attracted me to it!) As our humble editor will attest to ---- it's "The Secret Thrill"!