May 4, 2011

New Spot Down South


Am about to order a 3 Pak of Standards.

It has been a while since you had an update from down here. We have been following my youngest son's travels over the last few years. Last you heard from me we were enjoying an East Cape pointbreak S. of Cabo. He has moved on this year and is living in W. Samoa with his GF where both are PADI Instructors. We are collecting pesos for that flight.

In the mean time-

We have a new local surf break. This one was created by a land grab by the one of the River Authority Boards, they buy the land along a river out flow and develop it into a Regional Park where new jetties were part of the project. Sportfishing both inshore and offshore is big down here. This project was completed March 2011, still very new with sand still shifting. We have had a good Spring cycle of onshore winds, building swells with timely arrival of offshore winds. Water yesterday was hovering @ 77 degrees, we've been in baggies and rashguard since mid March.

Damn, I hate it when I only get to wear my new rubber for such a short while ;0)

Tom S.

p.s.- re. the "meatloaf" colored water, it's just sand but some folks get turned off by that. Between that and the stray bull shark, a crowded day is more than 4-5 guys out.

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