Apr 13, 2013

Omni Love, Just In Time For Summer....

Hi Paul,

Just to let you know I received my Omni last Friday. There wasn't much surf on the weekend, but I took it out anyway to get a feel for it; practice duck diving. I even got on a couple of small waves; loved the feeling of just going along for the ride - the Omni seems to know where it wants to go. Amazing!
Thanks; I'll let you know how my mat journey goes.
Hi Paul
Took the Omni out in knee to thigh high chop this morning. Blown away by this mat!!!!!
Size fits me really well. (5'9'' x 190) Catches waves like crazy. It gets up to speed really fast. Rode it at number 7 inflation and 90 degree. Rode forward and further aft, didn't matter. It just flies. Very easy to turn. Slides with control when I want. Goes on a rail and flies.
Best of all when I didn't do much of anything other than nudge it it really flew. Very easy mat to ride. Felt like I have owned it for years.
Thanks again for a great mat!!!!!!! Look forward to more sessions on my Omni!!!!!

Hi Paul

Got the Omni out in bigger shallow surf up to chest high.Really fast. It likes more air 90 degree fold. Most important it seems to get the best rides when I just let it run and don't disturb it's trim and angle. Finesse is my new goal.With all my yanking and squeezing and contorting to stay in the pocket it just keeps going! I normally would ride my Liddle hull in that surf and the mat was a blast!!!! We don't get that many lined up days for a hull. That's how much I like this mat!!!!!!
A lot of advancements in the Omni. It just made my other mats and a whole lot of surfboards obsolete.
Thanks Again

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