Dec 4, 2014

From That Guy With The Effin' Pool Mat ...

Hey Paul!
My friend put together a short video of some of my matting on the river this summer.  Hats off to him for the trippy edit.
Shows 3 or 4 different waves in our area.  Man is it ever exhausting matting some of these!  
All the best.


Anonymous said...

Man thats inspiring ! How long can you ride for ? would it be possible to ride all afternoon and into the night time ?
Regards Bretto

Anonymous said...

Indeed Bretto, if your body can handle it!

I've ridden some of these waves on a board for well over an hour. Usually have to drop down to knees/prone to rest the legs and feet a bit. On a mat i've probably done 20 minutes


Anonymous said...

I´ll come by next year with a mat.
Stood and watched a few weeks back - hadn´t brought my stuff for the 24hr stay - and regretted it:-(

Salut a Montreal

Anonymous said...

who wrote the tunes?