Mar 26, 2015

Spring Testamonials !!!


Excellent advice -  the riders guide was thorough and informative.  I used to surf one of those old time mats in the 50's so it's a full circle rodeo for me.  I've already signed up for an XL on your web site and look forward to getting back in the water thanks to you!



PS - I happened into a surf shop in the Kahala Mall yesterday and asked it they had any surf mats.  They looked at me like I was from Afghanistan.  I told 'em they better get up to speed and referred them to your web site.  Hope ya make a million dollars!


You're awesome, Paul!

The mats have arrived in fine style. I can't wait to see how the Tracker handles some storm surf. The other guy  - JT - has not been on a mat since he was pre-teens, but has been extremely interested in what I've been doing on mine. We'll see how it goes. (He's gonna LOVE the "Fatty" written on the plug leash.)

I've got to tell you that I have had the most fun on my Fatty. I got it third-hand from a friend here in Santa Cruz, hoping to inject some fun into a flat summer in 2013. I used it occasionally in 2013, then a rash of dings forced me onto the mat more in 2014. It turns out that this has been my go-to surf ride for just about 8 months of 2014, adn into this winter. I have a quad fish that I love, but the mat has simply been a blast. (Plus my calves are rock hard.)

Paddling out on a mat, people definitely give me a second look, but the whole "my wave" / long board v. short board v. boogy board vibe just never seems to come into play. Some guys know exactly what I'm up to, some can't wrap their heads around an inflatable, but I never get hassled with this contraption.  And when guys see me drop in to every kind of wave they are surfing, there is a certain kind of bemused respect and lots of questions about control. (Which I really haven't perfected, but I've been able to get into a couple barrels, so I must be doing something right.)

And this material is some kind of tough. Rocks, shorepound, I've done things with this mat that would simply destroy a rigid board.

I have seen a few guys on mats up here, but I seldom get to surf with any, we seem to be even more under-represented than bodysurfers in Santa Cruz.

I'm digging it. Keep up the great work.

 - Zach



Hi PG,
Got home from riding the Lotus in 2' peelers on a well defined sandbar next to a deep channel -- and found that the Mini Max had arrived! Went straight back to the same spot and had way more fun on the new design. Mini Max has heaps of lift so it planes fine on 1' waves. It's a huge step forward. Definitely my go to mat! The deck fabric is really good. Riding such a small platform increases participation with the waves... I kept thinking, "We should have done this years ago." Definitely a winner!
Super Stoked,

Pahl (Mat Max)
Hi Paul,
Regularly riding Vespa at super low inflation It seems that if there's some push I can go down to where you pull the plug and nothing happens it's so soft. Seems like it fits the wave better really soft 180 bend .Definitly faster.Tried it back to back and was shocked how slow puffed up is compared to super soft!
Hi Paul,
            Sorry to babble but no one around me to talk mats. Like a marooned sailor throwing notes in to the sea.
   Stole Lisa's Omni today for a good session in North swell barrels.It too is fast as hell at 180 degree inflation. I can take a high line and fly in fast waves. So much speed. Low inflation has opened so many doors in better surf.Easy to duck dive as well. 
Hey Paul, 
Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying my mat! 
First outing caught some really fun waves!  Now working on the techniques.  It is amazing what you can do on a mat!
Also, took both of my boys out on it at Rincon and they both really had a blast!
Thanks again and I'll keep you posted on things...
I am really enjoying this!
Hi Paul,
I will surf tomorrow with a buddy who lives in NY and came home to PR to do some business for a couple of days. He is a shortboarder and is always traveling to some very cool places for business or family (he just married a girl from Singapore)... I will give him my Standard (which is like new) as a birthday present so he can take around the world (easier to fly with than his boards).
Will keep my Fatty and my UDT until I order some new mats soon...


Met a bodyboarder at Rincon today. He said he bought a 4GF and rode it a lot last year but never quite got it dialed in.  It was an interesting conversation because I completely understand his point of view. Bodyboarding while trying to learn to ride a mat is probably the most difficult situation to be in. The techniques are so different that I tell most people to only ride the mat for several months to get over the learning curve. As we all know, bodyboard posture does not work in mats so one has to unlearn before learning. Bodyboards are good in slabby suckout type waves, but mats are far superior in point surf.
The waves today were up to double overhead and powerful with 20 wave sets common. I was on the Lotus which was ideal for the conditions. The bodyboarder and I found ourselves in the cove so I did my best to demonstrate that a mat is actually very viable in the conditions to hopefully inspire the bodyboarder to pursue his mat riding further. I didn't catch his name but hope to see him in the water in less hectic conditions to help him get the mat wired.

Hi Paul,
pleased to advise that the surf mat arrived without a hitch, thank you. Will advise if this geriatric surfer can use it!

Regards , Mike
Hi PG,

Howzit? Da Mini Max is going well. 6'-8' waves over the weekend were blown to bits by fierce southerlies so I didn't go out. I did get a few 5'-6' not so hollow waves and some 4' tubes when the winds blew strong offshore on Monday. (We're back to summer rain and cool south winds this week.)
The Mini works about 10% better than Lotus 3 in such conditions. Funny thing is that so far it doesn't feel small or lack glide even in flat spots and microwaves. However duck diving and wiping out are significantly less punishing. Catching waves requires being about 10% more in position than the Lotus.
The new dropped rails are doing their job admirably with no problems and providing an amazing amount of lift. Although the deck is visually the same, grip seems to be improved, with no increase in chafing when trunking it. Overall the best yet!
Stoked to Da Max,


Thanks, Paul.
I've been getting in the water quiet a bit, with mixed results. Yesterday would've been a great mat day, with a rising swell and breeze.
Have you been getting waves?
We've had some great mat sessions this fall/winter. For me the most memorable was two weeks ago, when Steve Pendarvis, Mark Miller, Dane Perlee and I traded 3- to 5-foot lefts for hours. So many crossovers — and runovers! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. And the next day we had four mats in the water! 
I might try my hand behind the camera. I'll try to capture some 4GFs in action and send 'em your way. The location is always "Lower Trestles." Or how about "Malibu lefts"? *:) happy "Pismo Dunes?"

Hi Paul,
I'm not entirely sure what goes on with a mat's age but with each session on the new Standard it seems as though the canvas top is getting more supple; is this right or my imagination (my brain getting more supple?)...? Nonetheless, stoke-o-meter readings of subsequent repeat tests reveal a significant increase of both mm-mmmm and uh-huh (p > 0.05).


The fatty arrived and it is beautiful. I just stare at it waiting (over a month) for it to be put into action.
I just wanted to thank you for your personal attention to detail and fantastic customer service.
If you ever need feedback quotes count me in.
I found da fins at ebodyboarding in California.
Truly, thank you for giving me something splendid to look forward to.
Hey Paul,

Standard is rad, can't believe it got here so fast!

Think I'm gonna need an Omni and a Fatty to round out the quiver, will be in touch soon :)

Cheers, Dan.
Hi Paul,
Got the mat. Excited to take it out. Thank you so much, especially for personalizing the flanges. I'm sure it's going to fly. I'll let you know how it goes. More power and God bless!


Just showed up on my desk! Thanks Paul!
I'll give it spin Sunday if it's here for the weekend. Plan on surfing with Spencer at the end of the month in Ventura. Thanks again,
Thanks again Paul for the advice.

Curious about one thing.  Once you hone you skills on a real slider have you ever gone back to the old school canvas rectangle just to see how it performs?   Might be a fun comparison if anybody can keep the valves from leaking on those ten dollar intex cheapos 😃

Otherwise I won't take anymore of your time. Central coast is in the high 80's today so I presume you probably have much better things to do.

Once I hit SoCal this summer I am betting my 64 year old brother may be in the market if I can impress effectively.  I will send him your way when that time comes.

Cheers, Peter
Aloha Paul,

This is Chris from Hawaii, the guy with the blue streak standard and mini mat. As well as one of your 2001 velo spoons.

Anyway I met this gentlemen yesterday named Bill Albert and he's interested in a surf mat. I have cc'ed him on this email. Just wanted to send a quick introduction email, so the two of you could connect and discuss further the procurement of a surfmat.


I figure it's a bit pointless to try to explain the feeling to someone who already knows it much better, but I couldn't even begin explaining just how amazing mat surfing has begun to feel as I find how to make it work anyway. Every time I go out, I feel like the blessed little bag of air teaches me another little secret.

 I think it almost already needs a brother.
Thanks for the endless stoke,
Hi Paul,

Just paid! Cannot believe the speed and efficiency of this conversation and transaction. You're the best!

Thanks a ton,
Hi Paul, 
I have been riding a UDT for the past couple of months now.  I originally ordered it to ride with my boys.  I am now riding it solo and wanted to know if I would benefit better with a different model?  I seem to be doing alright on it.  But far from dialed...
I am 5'11" and 225 lbs.  Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you Paul! Stoked.
My friend Albert Elliott (ACE surfboards) in Ocean beach and Steve Pendarvis swear by your mats.
I cant wait to take them out at San Clemente state beach. Will share the stoke.




tuskedbeast said...

(for future generations- ie tomorrow or next week- this comment refers to today's blog header, an image of 4GF wristbands)

That's a bloody great idea. At least every third go out I get serious inquiries about where to get one; Surfmatters is easy to remember but handing over one of those would be much better.

Paul Gross said...

Email me if anyone wants some wrist bands to hand out at the beach.


tuskedbeast said...

I'd also suggest asking a recipient to pass it forward to another querent- avoid feeding the Grye!!

tuskedbeast said...

er, Gyre

Anonymous said...

Hi PG,

Stoked on all the great feedback you're getting. Sunny six foot surf today in boardshorts and the Mini Max was handling it really well! Have been handing over some wristbands to a few of the less dubious Kiwis who at least acknowledge me and my mat.

Cheers Mate,