Jun 18, 2015

Mendicino Matting Anyone ???...

Hello Paul!
The wife and I have made a last minute change in venue for our camping trip. With 100 degree weather forecast for Whiskeytown Lake (Redding) I was able to convince her to choose coastal camping instead. I just checked the forecast and there is a south swell on the rise! Suddenly I am curious about mat surfing near Caspar!
Can you pass along my email to anyone you may know from the area. I'll be up there Friday evening - Tuesday morning but I shouldn't try to surf more than once. I can handle any conditions from whomping to dribblers, but my mat prefference is typical: 4 foot hollow pointbreak with offshore winds :^D
Thanks Paul, I'm glad to see 4GF is still going strong and continues to expand around the globe!

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tuskedbeast said...

Hi Travis,

I've only surfed the town beach. It's a rivermouth, and at it's least dynamic in the summer. Really nice water to be in, waves or not. Good luck! Beautiful place.

Record geek talking... Gene Clark wrote the White Light record there . Great soundtrack for a visit.