Nov 24, 2016

From Geoffrey ...

Hey Paul!


holy shit! It go real fast!! Like speeds I've never felt before laying down.

I took it out on a 3ft day.. It was ok..
But when i took it out 4-6ft that when I felt 3rd flyer!

still learning and reading the pdf file you gave me.. My first instinct is too lift the nose up abit but after a few waves I really found momentum when my head was right down.
The lower the better.

it's also hard to find a line, I was doing the angle line down an drawing out the bottom turns.

Still I've never had so much fun going straight on 6ft sets.

Here's a Picture, ill send more when my friend emails me them!




tuskedbeast said...

Whoo, damn!!

I know Paul recommends going out in waves with some push on your first times, but that's ridiculous!


Rob Pollard said...

Oh man, that wave has me drooling! It's been 1-2' here for a week, its nice to see someone getting swell! Yeeeewwwww!!!!