Mar 13, 2017

Tips From The Prones ...

 (Max, mid-60's)

Lately Ive been getting into crossing my outside leg over my inside knee when turning and trimming. This body configuration seems to allow the mat to lay flatter on the wave while changing directions and holding lines so as to carry more speed. 

Im guessing that weight shift has a lot to do with it. Plus, the outside fin becomes an inside fin that is on edge, so as to cut into the water for steering and traction. This technique took quite a while to comfortably incorporate into my repertoire. However its second nature now, and gives great results, plus enormous satisfaction from having a new dance move. 

The flipper crossover is good for bottom turns, hanging on steep faces, and especially pulling hard cutbacks with big slams off the foam. Give it a go mates, and see how you fare...

Sorry no pics yet.
Cheers Mates,

Mat Max

 (Max, late-oughts)


tuskedbeast said...

Interesting. I think I did the same thing intuitively/spontaneously on the biggest day I've ever surfed, to hold trim at high speed. Curious to try intentionally, and without stomach butterflies :)Thanks Max.

Rob Pollard said...

Right on Max! Thanks for the tip! I'll give this a go the next time we have swell. I'm loving all these tips! The knowledge you share only spreads the Joy you experience. Keep spreading the Stoke! The world needs more mat surfers :)!

Dan said...

This advice couldn't be more timely for me and I used it this morning. I got into a habit of a splaying my legs and digging fins in to stop myself from sliding sideways. In case you haven't tried this, one fin catches too much, pulling you off the back of the mat with your legs spread. It's just punishment for your crotch.

Anyhow, I just caught three super fast waves at ocean beach SF. I forced myself to cross my outside leg over the inside a little. I don't know if that's why I had three fantastic rides that carried a lot of speed around a foam section each time, but I know it helped stop me from splaying my legs when I shouldn't. And I know I've been in a serious rut with my technique. Also, saw a whale again out there, five times in six days. They're back!