Jul 24, 2019

From Oily


Hey Paul, Greetings..

You asked to keep you posted on my new purchase of the standard so here goes. Friday was a well forecasted swell and all reports from Neal ‘ The Guru’ Cameron during the week it was cranking smoking, but alas in my haste to make an early morning raid and give the ’Standard’ a good old work out I left home without it and yes the SCUMMBags did let me know about it also. luckily the trusty Omni ...haha.

It was a great mat ring session at one of our fav offshore reef breaks and the Omni “Dabolt’ did not let me down so here is a couple of minutes of a couple of hours of that session. We did get mentioned in dispatches later that day about the 4 mat riders apparently dominating the line up… oops and with Pat getting some bombs from out wide he’s stoked with the 4GF there’s some footage of him nailing one.

The swell had backed right off by Sunday morning and an early morning slide at Mat Cove with Phil and Adam was on the cards. So the commissioning of the Standard was in some small peelers but big healers right handers your fav.. Paddled out straight into a small peeler of the reef and took off..bit of a slip sideways first wave thought i had the inflation right but had to let some out anyways it was a fun morning as always. Looking forward to a big day out at Gilligan’s on it sometime soon I hope.

Stay happy and healthy mate many thanks for the speedy delivery you’ve set the “Standard”..

 :-) Oily

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Paul Gross said...

Best way to curry favor with 4gf? Name a spot after me!