Jan 16, 2020

From Lloyd

 Hi Paul thought you would enjoy this one -

As a mat rider you get more than a few WTF looks in the lineup - and a few comments like "Oh dad an mum had one of those in the 1970s",  but as the oldest in the line up by about 10-15 years the looks become even more perplexed. Then when you stage the same thing at the Urbansurf  Park in Melbourne, the looks intensify even more. Is this old fart for real?

17 Jan 2020 (today) the first time a mat had been used at the park which opened 6th Jan 2020 and it was a real buzz to pull it off on my 68th Bday. Fantastic to have a 4th gear flyer to ride.The great thing about the Surf Park is along the wall where the waves are produced is a current that pulls one straight out to the line up, wait your turn and presto the wave is yours. Its a great little mat wave that breaks over a shallow concrete bottom. It is not the ocean, but once you are on a wave that fact quickly dissolves. Next time I will try it at a more intense setting and time it for an offshore wind.
Andrew Ross the creator of this dream has done a great job. 

Then after the surf I get back to the studio and Silvi Glattauer has another voucher for the surf park as a BD gift - How good is that - Great surfing with Matt Blackwood my surf buddy at the park and also to the team at Urban surf - very impressed - this is a sensational venue, staff are friendly and helpful. 
Thanks Paul  - the mat is still powering along  and I will be back to the Wave Park SOON!

Cheers Lloyd

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tuskedbeast said...

Happy birthday! What a unique way to spend it. You're a ripper, too.