Mar 17, 2020

From The Inimitable Adam

Hope all is well over on your side of the world , all considering the present circumstances!

 Sending you this link from Swellnet ...
One of Lloyd Godman's temporary art installations

I noticed that Lloyd has been down to the and has enjoyed some fun mat waves. Our mate Justin Spittle has also sampled this wave puddle with the Ecto Hand Plane Crew and has planed a pool party in May which I am attending with the other 59 alternative surfer.

Yes , I know its going to be madness with 60 guys split onto the left and right , but what the heck, you only live once! I am planning on surfing it either side of the Saturday night, so taking down all my surf mats, hand planes & soft boards to give them a whirl ! Check out Justin from their trip down earlier this year...

Should be a fun night at the Puddle! May your Toilet Roll stay full!!


1 comment:

misterdirk said...

That looks like a very mat-able wave! And Justin -- whoooot!