Aug 29, 2020

50th Anniversary of The Isle of Wight Music Festival

So what does the Isle of Wight Music Festival of 1970 have to do with surfmatting? Our man Kenny Hughes was there with another legend of alternative surfing, the late John Brockway!


                              Globetrotters Kenny and John in Central America, a few years later.


Using modern facial recognition software, we were able to pick the two, very young San Diegans out of the IOW crowd with a predicted 99.997% accuracy.

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Anonymous said...

So so wanted to be there to see the Who and Jimi hendrix but not only to young and no money but got meningitis and spent the whole summer in isolation/convalescing oh well saw the Who later years in london and still got tinnitus to this day from the volume haha churs old surfer.