Oct 29, 2020

From Jon





 Hey Paul,

I hope you're having a great week! I wanted to send along a shot from this past weekend that my friend Nick Lavecchia took of myself headed out on my Tracker along with my buddy Ty who's a boarder. We had some great swell here in southern Maine and NH and I rode five sessions from Thursday night to Sunday morning all on the Tracker. It was good size surf, Saturday was 6-9ft in the evening, so the paddle out and the few times I got caught inside were an adventure to say the least. 
I lost the mat a couple times each session and had to bodysurf in, pick it up, and make the paddle out again. But, the big waves and fun shoulders I caught made it all worth it. I felt like my riding made some steps forward where I was able to chain multiple sections together, make some great cutbacks, and FLY on some big shoulders. 

Sadly in the next month or so the water will get too cold for anything but mittens here, which I think will make it too hard for me to keep a handle on the mat on big days. 

Thanks for making such an awesome product.




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