Nov 2, 2020

From Sounder The Beagle's Mom


 Hey PG,

Just got out on my Fatty for first time this weekend. I paddled out at Del Mar yesterday. It was a clear and gorgeous fall morning. To my complete surprise, a dude was out there on an Omni showing me how it's done. I was so stoked to see another 4GF!! He said he was from Newport Beach, but I didn't catch his name. I asked him for some pointers after which, I caught a nice left. I'm getting used to riding bag of air. There's a learning curve for sure but having fun in School of Ocean. Thanks Paul!

PS.   Hey, wondering about surfing with other San Diego locals. Do you know of any flyers in SD Country that might like to do a meet up?

Thanks PG! 


thewordnerd at yahoo dot com


tuskedbeast said...

Imagine meeting another mat rider on your first go out! I'll take this as a good omen for world redemption. Welcome Julie :)

Unknown said...

Does the mat still rough.up.the nipples like in the days past?