Jun 13, 2021

From Bill

 Hey Paul 

I want to update you on my latest Puff Paint artwork. I swear I’m the oldest puffy paint artist out there!

#1 - Receive a fresh canvas...

#2 - Imagine the creatures below the surface and illustrate...
#3 - Purchase puff paint (fine tips for detail).

 #4 - Transfer art to canvas.

 #5 - “Cephalopod Summer” Begins!


pranaglider said...

I remember the early sixties and my older brother was painting his long board. By the late sixties everyone was painting their boards with the wildest abstract psychedelic dayglow images they could imagine. Nice to see

Speedshaper said...

Hey Pranaglider, That wasn't THAT long ago, right? We also did really bad psychobabble poetry on our boards to make our surfing "more profound", "Man".
Dayglo Slipcheck sprayed through paper doilies--we were so "artsy" and "hip"!

tuskedbeast said...

Love your style Bill! it reminds me of 1920s 30s children's book illustration, ie The Wizard of Oz. That octopus is wonderful, love the eyes and it's hold on the mat!