Jun 16, 2009

From Steve H ...


I thought you may enjoy these pics of an early Aussie mat.

Dig the "swallow tail"!

Steve H.


unidentified said...

I must say I need to credit 2 people for showing me this historical mat.
1st Ryan C. for pointing it out to me and the owner. (who's name escapes me)
I just feel since I'm still not yet a current mat head (but soon will be) I'm unworthy to be posting.
Great piece though. The air plug is a hard rubber screw and reminds me of a 'Boston Whaler' bilge plug.
Thanks Paul.
Looking fwd to my Classic!

PG said...


Here is the same mat in action!


nathanoj said...

I spoke to a guy out on a longboard the other day. He'd recently bought a Surfoplane and hadn't had much luck so far. He was intrigued to feel the Neumatic and registered the much thinner material and 'under' inflation. I managed to reinforce the theory with a 90 degree bottom turn as he paddled out.


nathanoj said...

PS - the Surfoplane is still in production.