Jun 30, 2009

UDT #1 Survives Terrorist Attack!!!


a guy saw the mat on the beach right before i went in and he flew thru the air and jumped on it. i was beyond pissed, but alas it did not pop and the ibeams and innards held together (its still 3-pontooned, not 1!) despite the not so funny joke, a testament to how well built and strong the mat is.



nathanoj said...

Jeez some people have no clue!

Anonymous said...

i've killed for less

GRAYMAN said...

I'd have done the same to his surfboard.


PG said...

I designed the structural envelope of 4GF mats with just such an occurance in mind... :)

I actually had a well known shaper stop me years ago as I was walking back up the point at Rincon, and he tried to rip the corner off off my Hodgman with his bare hands!

That's when I realized how threatening mats could be!

Ian said...

Is that because they blow up frequently?