Jun 30, 2009

Yeah Sure, Ricky...

Hey Paul,

It was maybe the best matting day at *** today. The waves got much bigger after the camera went home... seriously!

Ricky S

Hi Paul,

Here are some pictures of Ricky this morning at *** on Steve's blog. About an hour after this, it was nonstop for an hour of waves on the farthest out boil past the rocks connecting all the way across. For a guy who never surfed, he sure is getting good quick. I saw him going as fast as possible in full trim going all the way across the point today.

*** has its moments in the mornings and way less crowded. All the surfers think of it as afternoon spot, but as long as there is 2 feet of water it's fine.

Hope you are well. I haven't tried my new 9 Inch Nail Fin yet as my Liddle sat on the beach all morning. Too much fun running over kelp on a mat!

Ryan C


unidentified said...

out of our group i was the lone finned
fish, and i must say.....
i felt left out of the fun.
not for long.
the hourly countdown has begun for carpet delivery!

GRAYMAN said...

Looks sweet.

Have to say though, just putting *** makes it very difficult to understand where the spot is!



Jamie said...

We met in the water at Wategoes while you were in Byron.
Good to see you're stoked and riding your mat. Cheers matey

R4TH said...

Jamie, it was good to see someone on the mat who knew what they were doing whilst starting out at wategos, heading back to Brisbane/Broken head for a week in late july...looking forward to it

Jamie said...

Let us know when you land, and bring your steamer, it's gotten a bit cold...or maybe my blood has just thinned considerably since i left my 6/4 in Hatteras.

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Thanks so much, we are having tons of fun on the matts. Looking forward to more!
Cowa, Steve and Cher

GRAYMAN said...

Erm... How does a spot be "an afternoon spot"?