Apr 28, 2010

The Heart Of The Matter

Ten Miles From The Nearest Pavement

Although I don't question why I like matting so much, this is a good subject to post on. Well... the big kick for me is the Zen aspect of no ego. Mat riding is what it is. An engaging pursuit of hard-earned direct knowledge with no payoff except for the pure act in itself. I tell people it's the nerd version of surfing. But that's just an easy way out of trying to explain an unrelateable hardcore pursuit.

In reality, there is no simple explanation, due to the subtle complexity of shaping the craft to fit the environment. And lately, the huge realization is that with PG's help, I have arrived at the point of finally owning a surf vehicle that requires no further development. After over 200 surfboards and 20+ mats, the current 4GF Standard leaves me with no hunger for improvement. For the first time in this life I don't want more or different in the lineup!

My pod PF2s work more than fine. Good heel savers and fin leashes do the job. And my 4GF Standard performs flawlessly. From solid 10' third reef Boilers to 1' inside Babies. Even though I have a great brand new surfboard, plus Hybrid Fatty #1 and a late model Gen 1 XL, I'm hooked on the current Standard. My friends in the water all ask where my board is, and I come up with something like, "I'm going old school," or whatever comes to mind. The reality is that cranking turns and gliding walls on a perfect mat is way way better.

I finally encouraged some extra-good surfer buddies to go matting with my spare mats and flippers, and they exclaimed along the lines of, "Now we know what you are experiencing! This is really fun!!!" They thought I was from another planet until they tried it, and now they are asking for more. Of course, they balk at the price, but their sticks all cost over $500.00.

The big lesson here is that there is no way to get to the heart of the matter without going matting! So there you go...


Ramsnake said...

Terrific post and great to hear wave riding nirvana does exist.
I am a Pod F2 guy too and can confirm that they are excellent! I had a cranking long, long right on my bodyboard the other day and at the end of it, my right calf was aching, as the fin was holding me so well into the face!

DrStrange said...

Not only +$500 for hard boards but they self-destruct pretty quickly unless you order (or make your own) heavier foam and heavier glass job and even then, a mat will most always outlast a board. Maybe excepting the really old school 60's boards w/ 10 lb foam or whatever it was and double 10 oz glass!

And that says nothing about all the out of the water advantages... travel etc!

Glassics said...

Prone to riding, nose on the nose!

PG said...

"I tell people it's the nerd version of surfing."

My line to quell any questioning about the whys of riding a mat is to say, "I just surf for fun."

It's amazing how few people reply, "Me too."