Apr 5, 2010

From Satoshi...

Hello PG,

My email is coming from Japan.

Before I bought your Mat from your website.

Last February I tripped to Hawaii (Maui) with your Surfmat. Japan is winter and cold but it was very warm on Maui. I really enjoyed the Mat Surfing on Maui. Mat is very compact in my baggage, it is easy!

Now I enjoy the Mat Surfing in the Japanese cold water.

Thank you very much for the nice Mat.

About photo...I made these hand boards. They are compact. And big waves is ok, too. Fins, Mat and handboards, very small baggage no over charge.

Thank you,



GRAYMAN said...

I'm intrigued by those handboards. Will Satoshi see this? I'd love a closer look at 'em.


Paul Gross said...

Another shot of the handboards just added...

GRAYMAN said...

Cheers Paul.

Crazy wings... Fingers as skegs!



GRAYMAN said...

I've had a crack at making one of these: