Sep 10, 2010

Best Mat Session Of Summer 2010

Craig D. of Washington took a pair of mats to Bulgaria, and turned them over to a group of orphans from that country. Fantastic!

His observation: "I can tell you that I've never seen those kids happier than when they were on those mats...full of joy and not a care in the world. How great to be able to share that with them! I am so glad that we were able to pull that off."


GRAYMAN said...

Fantastic stuff! Good work Craig!

Good work.


BillyBoarder said...

Thats awesome!

Jay said...

Where's the 'thumbs up' key? That's a really cool story!

Craig said...

Big thanks to Paul for special handling my order to get the mats to me in time to support the trip! This idea could not have been realized without his willingness to go the extra mile! Paul, thanks for becoming part of our team! You're awesome!