Sep 13, 2010

4GF Update

Hi Everybody,

I'm in the final throes of finishing the Tracker orders that came in over the last few months, and should be caught up in a couple of weeks. Between 12 hour days making mats and three trips up to Oregon to keep an eye on my mother this summer, I'm ready for a surf! :)

We were originally going to put the Standard and the new Vespa Roundtail on sale in October, but after going through our expenses versus sales numbers for the past summer, we realized that, while we can't get by selling made-by-hand surf mats for $165, we could swing $199 if the sales numbers held up at a level approaching the Tracker's introduction this summer.

One benefit of building more mats is that we were able to buy material in larger quantities, and save a bit on a per/mat basis. The other benefit is that as I made more and more mats in recent months, I was able to streamline the building process without compromising quality.


We're going to put the whole 4GF line up for $199 around October 1st. The Standard, Tracker RT, Fatty, XL, and UDT will be $199. The Classic will stay at $165, and the Vespa RT will be introduced at $165 for two months, and then go up to $199 on January 1st.

The "buy two and get one free" offer will remain in effect...meaning you can get any three 4GF's for $398 USD. (Classics and sale mats can be added to the three mats you order, but they don't receive any further discount.)

The estimated shipping turnaround time will be bumped from 2 days to a week, just to be realistic. Delivery time after shipping will remain 2-3 days in the US, and 7-14 days foreign. If you have a vacation planned and want to order a mat at the last minute, email us, and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you.

The initial idea of putting the Standard on sale this October was to encourage surfers 205 pounds or under to add one to their quiver. In head high surf or better surf, the Standard is a rocket. It's a peak experience every mat rider should have!


GRAYMAN said...

That's £130 in real money. BARGAIN however you look at it!


Dave of the Coonties said...

From one to a quiver, fast?

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

We love our 4GFs! and the Tracker and Standard are our faves for our size and styles. Thanks so much, so stoked!
Cher and Steve