Sep 28, 2010

A Memorable Afternoon...

Mr. Dirk!

I met up with the esteemed Mr. Dirk and his equally esteemed family (Ms. Maria and Master Decker) for an afternoon surf along California's Central Coast. We got some fun waves, and enjoyed being out of the 100 degree-plus heat plaguing of much of the West.

Dirk had a new waterproof mini-cam he was itching to try out, so after an initial go out to get loosened up, we swapped between shooting and surfing. Needless to say, Dirk's riding outshone mine, so any images that surface in the future will undoubtedly be of him!

After what seemed to be a complete day, we were all back at the parking area sharing stories and getting out of our wetsuits. Two vans rushed up, and a film crew hopped out. They set up a video camera facing the sunset, and a couple guys ran in-frame to enjoy the last rays of light together. It turned out that the two gentlemen, Tod and Justin Purvis, were brothers documenting their journey around the United States, seeing everything they could see before they lost their sight. They are both afflicted with Choroideremia, a degenerative eye disease which can lead to complete and total blindness. Amazing serenity and wisdom, the both of them.

Their story is here...

Justin and Tod


dogleg said...

great story Paul.
it is people like this that help us more fortunate ones to keep things
in perspective(no pun)and stay humble and grounded.
thanks brothers!

misterdirk said...

Those two guys were impressive. They had an intrepid sincerity that you could sense right away. Gosh, what a day.

P.S. PG is being modest

pranaglider said...

Sounds like a great day.
That second shot is fantastic! so much going on the wave the rider the shore line the landscape

GRAYMAN said...

Yeah cheers for posting this Paul. Great shots and great to hear about people make the most...

Living for the moment in its truest sense.


Mack L Fuel said...

The film is done and winning awards!!!

Tod Purvis