Dec 6, 2010


Imagine my joy when I saw this shot from today's session. My last few sessions have seen me gain a better understanding of the mat and how I need to ride it. What made me dance a little jig about this photo was the fact that I'm banking into the turn. One rail is out while the other rail is being totally engaged. I've probably been doing that for awhile, but I didn't realize it. This, however, is my proof. What's even better is that my spouse told me, "You looked like you actually knew what you were doing out there."

You can see why I choose to ride the mat at this spot rather than a surfboard. There's so much kelp that riding a surfboard there is pointless. You can only safely go right. I'm a goofy foot, so I live to go left. The mat allows me the freedom to take whichever waves I choose, kelp or no kelp.

I was on the Tracker Square Tail in this shot. That mat works best for me in waves that tend to get mushy. When the wave is steeper and more powerful, I go back to the Standard. It holds better in a powerful wave. Then again, perhaps it doesn't. As I said, I'm still learning how to steer these things.

I may surf a board this week. Then again, I may not. I'm having way too much fun on my mats.


PG said...

Great shot, SS...stoked!


Jamie said...


pranaglider said...

"I'm having way too much fun on my mats. " Indeed

Anonymous said...

A Greenough-esque track!

Surfsister said...

In this shot, I was about to speed past the guy who actually kissed me while we were in the water. Never thought that would happen in the lineup!