Dec 31, 2010

Party Time In The Netherlands!

Hi Paul,

All the best for 2011!

On our beach every newyearseve they make a big fire! It takes a week for those boys to build this! So it will not be cold tonight (haha).

It's 16:05 PM now. In less than 8 hours it's partytime overhere!!!!!

Look how big this fire is gonna be!



The next day!!!


chiledub said...

Happy New Year Paul! Bagjuan and I are sharing a a Firestone 14 (FOURTEENTH)Anniversary Ale with the beautiful Diane after another classic day of mat surfing up here in the PNW, 1'-2' waves every 30 minutes, (just kidding, I can't tell the real details or I'd be kicked out of our avid mat riders club) great way to end the year, dawn patrol tomorrow to begin the new year. Water temp 44F, air 20 degrees cooler,warming up to freezing as the sun rises, clear skies, snow on the mountains, off shore winds, lite crowds. Living the dream.....

GRAYMAN said...

Happy New Year everyone.



Piskian said...

Amazing those Dutch have such a huge waffle surplus.

Piskian said...

Ah,now I have my glasses on...or praps I've had too many chocolate liqeurs..