Dec 22, 2010

Patti Smith

Culturally speaking, the parallels between surfing and music are obvious...and never more so than when we observe the imbalance between art and commerce in each pursuit.

Patti Smith was on Tavis Smiley last evening. She was reflecting on the 70's, and -- as always -- dropped the hammer squarely on the head of the nail:

"We were moving into an era where I felt rock and roll was...being taken over by moguls and rich rock stars and the idea of celebrity. I wanted to help remind people that rock and roll was our cultural voice, that it belonged to the people, and we all
could animate that aspect of ourselves."

Here's the whole episode...

And, Patti Smith on Colbert, thanks to Dr. Robert...


dogleg said...


Anonymous said...

Watch the interview free on the PBS website.
What a humble "thinking" person!


Dr. Robert said...

You got it..

"Birdland" lays it out in all it's geographical glory of what is, and what could be.

what a really nice person she seems!

That counts.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious, isn't it, that the corporate surfing industry as it has evolved, has dictated to young surfers the way "proper" wave riding is to be done. I'm grateful that alternative forms of surfing seem to be percolating up from that monotonous spidery morass of avant-garde franticness; that the pure act, the real sensations, will out.

"Magic and love will propel us" Love Patti.


dogleg said...

i get chills when i hear "birdland"
and often just have to have extreme volume. ("horses" lp for sure a must for any that dig the rock)
posts like this are great to remind and pass on the greatness. thanks