Jan 8, 2012

From Captain Jeff...

Running up the coast on Thursday we saw a huge pod (herd? ) of spinner dolphins cavorting up ahead in front of us. It’s easy enough to motor up alongside them, and then once they spot you, they tend to come over and envelope the boat, almost like you see those old science films of an amoeba ‘absorbing’ a piece of food?

I never worry about ‘hitting’ one of them, as several commercial fishermen down there have told me, ‘Not only have I never hit one, but nobody I know has ever even heard of anyone hitting one, are you kidding me, they’re just playing with us and are the fastest, smartest, most maneuverable things in the sea…

I know we all hear about how polluted the ocean is these days, but when you see something like this, it’s give you hope. Thought you’d dig the shots-