Jan 21, 2012

From Kendog...


We should do a mat one!


(Use comments sections for ideas on "Shit Mat Surfers Say.")


Bagjuan said...

Shit Mat Surfers say;" we should do a mat one."

Piskian said...

Shit Mat Surfers say"Agh,should have ridden my (insert alternative surfmat here) today instead".

daniel said...

shit i say to myself because there are very few matters in santa cruz. id mat that.. if if was on my mat i would have made that tube. mat attack. i feel like a pelican. taken from what surfers say. oops. ahh i just got pounded wheres my mat. damm i could go on and on

PG said...

Shit Mat Surfers Say...when it's two feet and blown out:

"It's perfect...and no one's out!"

Shit Mat Surfers Say...when looking at vids of Teahoopu:

"If that was a right, I'd surf it on a mat!"

Shit The Same Mat Surfer Says...when looking at vids of Shipstearn Bluff:

"If that was a left, I'd surf it on a mat!"

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's always overhead!
OMG! Too much air!
Blow Me!
George Would Go!
George Went!
Who's George anyway!
What is a mat clown!
Mat surfers do it softer!

Matt23 said...

"Id have made that on a mat".