Jan 19, 2012

Noted Mat Rider Closes Family Surf Shop

Mark Richards, a mat rider from Newcastle who later dabbled in professional contest surfing, has chosen to close his family's surf shop...which was opened by his parents in 1958. The shop initially began as a used car dealership. You can see their "transition era" in the photo below.

"I love shaping boards, it's what I'm good at, but I'm not so sure I'm so good at retailing," Richards said in the linked article.

More board building and less retail...Mark's a real surfer. Hat's off to him, and best of luck from Surfmatters!

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Anonymous said...

gotta say as far as "pro" surfers go MR is one of my favorites. i liked his surfing but i really like him as a person-always seemed to be a good, straight up kinda guy. level headed, balanced etc. probably as good as a figure you would want representing pro surfing.
el vaquero