May 27, 2013

From Captain David...

G'day  Paul,

I wanted to thank you for my first true love the Tracker RT! She has been the perfect traveling companion for my adventures splashing around the globe. We have caught many a fun wave at home and abroad whether it be a sloppy beach break or perfect long barreling points she has been there for me and continues to teach me every time we hit it. 

Apparently now my old RT mat is lonely and would be much happier with a new sexy "Omni" stored alongside her.  Coming from a conservative up-bringing I would never have guessed I could love 2 at the same time, but after mat sliding now going on 3 years my mind has burst wide to all possibilities.  I am open to this ménage-a-trois arrangement and hope we will all live in harmony.  If not there is always the wife to fall back on!

My weight is still fluctuating between 211-225 depending on whether out at sea (dry) or home(wet/beer)! Staying in reasonable shape although my last go out during a port call in Honolulu left my ankles and knees hurting from all the kicking I did. Nothing like using fins 3 days straight after 3 months of inactivity.

I'll put in the order on the web site. I pull back into home port (San Diego) next week, looking forward to a long summer of fun with family, friends and my mats! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Thanks Dave


A couple of fotos from the latest session.  We surf a boat accessible spot off the harbor when we moor at the University facility. Just my crew and I  surfing fun 1 footers!

Captain David
Master, R/V Melville


Anonymous said...

I must confess that I'm an airmat polygamist too.

PG said...

I'd say you're more like a full-on mat-slut, Bretto!