Jun 3, 2013

Steve's Divorce !!!


Hi Paul

Recent comments re: Captain David and Bretto inspired me to contribute.

The divorce is now finalised. Madamme Thruster and I have officially parted ways. Few tears were shed. Our shared assets, consisting of 4 high performance thrusters have been liquidated on Ebay (seen in the photo above, mostly unridden since purchasing my first mat a year ago). As you predicted, this resulted in net loose change even with the purchase of a mat quiver. This must be one of the few occasions where divorce has been profitable.

Madamme Thruster and I just weren't suited to each other. She demanded perfect waves to make her happy, and she didn't enjoy my less than perfect local breaks. Well occasionally she did, but the breaks in between were long and unsatisfying for us both. She needed a man with deep pockets to fly her to remote and exotic locations, to keep her really happy.

Madam Mat has been a much more compatible partner. She's always happy to hang out at my local breaks. She's always happy to mould herself to make the most of the current circumstances, rather than demanding the circumstances change to match her wants, as per Madamme Thruster.  The future looks bright.


Anonymous said...

Breakup Haiku

Prospects for reconciation?

For the better.


And fins?

Mike said...

Very nicely put, Steve. That's exactly how it is!

Anonymous said...

Further update, Madamme Thruster is blaming PG for the breakup. She says he did nothing to support reconciliation. She can't understand how I could leave her for a far less athletic woman. But despite Madamme Mat's extra padding and wobble in full flight, she knows how to please anyone who jumps on for a ride. And you know what they say about these beautiful princess types like Madam Thruster: Somewhere there is a guy who is completely fed up with their s#$t.