Jun 26, 2013

From Matt ...

A couple of months ago, I had a dream I was on my surf mat that my brother gave me as a birthday gift last year. In the dream, I only caught one wave, but it shaped up to be an awesome 4-5 foot LEFT! There were people all around in the water, but I cruised by them—no problem. I felt perfectly in control. So I lifted my chest forward & threw my arms back in the air. It was about as close to flying as I could have been!!!
The dream stuck in my head for a while and I even doodled it right after the dream. I just made this block print of it and am pretty pumped on it. I was making some prints & frames from some old wood I had, so I figured I’d share the stoke that the surf Mat has given me in dreams and in reality.


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misterdirk said...

Very cool! Curves are hard for me to draw on wood blocks, this one succeeds.