Oct 11, 2013

Prono Paradiso Aftermath... From Neil Pye!

Hello PG!
I was totally stoked out of my gourd Saturday!
Prono was a complete success, by my own standards, but everybody else there seemed to be having a brilliant time also and ALL of them believed it to be a success and were wondering when the next one was going to be.
From the mat perspective, I got almost everyone there to ride a 4GF - even for just 2 waves! I got a few of the established mat riders to try the Lotus7, and all agreed that it was the best 4GF we had ridden!
It's funny though, we all had a blast and everyone tried everything there but Paipos and handplanes were a bigger hit than mats. I guess its hard to get into riding mats so quickly, since they are totally different to the hard shapes.
Either way, it all reminded me why I ride and love mats!
I'll send you some photos. These are just from Grant Newby's camera.

#1 and #2 are of me...

Me and Toshie and the Itako Japanese Paipo (I've forgotten the lovely girl's name, oops!)


Tom and Finley Wegener

Mat Max and Geoff Moase.  Max (Pahl) is a character! Will hopefully surf with him again before he leaves Oz.

Geoff from Dovetail Surfboards

Young guy with a Wegener bellyboard

Tent City!


Here's a video from Rhyse Edward Jones... 


piskian said...

In pic with Pahl, Geoff looks like he,s giving you humungous finger whilst using handplane.People,gimme back my handplanes so I can follow the trend on those northfacing emmet spots!

KingWaka said...

Can someone translate pixie talk? dont understand a word that was written in the previous comment?