Oct 2, 2013

From Captain Tom ...

Hopa Pablo,

Sending out a GOOD caipirinha (con pinga e limao) to you and your wife  (from Jersey !) from my dive in Boiçucanga.

Had a great day today on the Tracker and the Vespa. The last video of GG was very inspiring!

Had two locals in Maresias feel the mat while paddling out - after seeing me connect sections in mushy/wedgy 10ft waves - shake their heads in smiling disbelief and just say 'Legal'- which amounts to 'Cool/Rad/Awesome!' in these parts.

And they don't even drop in on me any more...here.


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tuskedbeast said...

What a fun letter. Very evocative.

Re: drop ins... I'm happily surprised how accommodating surfers have been being in Santa Cruz at least. Many seem interested in the mat, and approach to ask questions (I'm giving your name out a lot, Paul). Best thing is being given set waves, getting hoots. It seems like under some circumstances, the "word is out" on mats, and surfers are interested in a positive way, and want to see one in action.