Oct 22, 2013

From Regis ...

hi paul it s regis from Biarritz

 ;i didn t arrived to let a messge on your mail ;so with a lot off late thanks for the mats ;they are perfect;last friday my friends stop me on the road and told me than they really want to test surfmat ,cool i ve got 4 now so every body will be happy;saturday was magic 1meter waves ,only friends;it was funny to look at them asking for all ;playing with the pression ;so good to see there mind switch on in full concentration;they looks like teenager in front of there first girl friend ,they stay long time with this big smile after surf and they talk long time about surfmatt after;i let them 2 for playing;and it was a good occasion to test all the mat in the same time ;for the moment my favorite is the standart

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Tom said...

Ahhhh, ze French!
Ils ont raison et c´est absolument vrai.
It´s what I tell my kid:
The best surfer is the one that has the most fun!!-))