Aug 15, 2014

From Captain Tom In The Fatherland ...

Hi Paul,

Here are some views of/from mats from the last month.

In July we made the big 24hr trip to Bali.

I´ll spare you the details of our trip, but the long swims, the strong currents and the shallow and fast reefbreaks as well as the super-powerful waves at Geger had me very humbled and surfed-out after
12 days of being in the water for several hours each day.

And - I have to mention how funny, low-key and humble the Balinese are!

After getting home I had two trips to Brazil being able to mat in post-storm chocolate slop as well as smaller peelers a week later. Camburi is always great.

Then the mat came along on a planned overnight to New York. The Rockaway forecast looked sunny but flat for my morning. Took the 6 a.m. subway out anyway and had a few small slides. Then my "ride" broke down and we eventually ended up staying an extra 48 hours, allowing me to get into some post-thunderstormfront Rockaway.

On that morning, for the first time I have had to stuff the mat into my suit just to get out behind the impact zone. Had two big slides on the sandy-chopped-seeweed whompers.

Mats are FUN anywhere in anything!!

Hope all´s well! Cheers from D-Land.


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BC said...

Geger is one hell of a mat wave, enough to test anyones metal.