Aug 8, 2014

From Tim ...

Hi Paul,
I hope you are well.
There has been a lot happening since our last contact in March. As you know I have have been in SoCal and I have had a great time over there meeting quite a few mat surfers including Dirk. I'm sure he has told you about our time together. I had so much fun with him. 
But that's not the reason I'm writing to you.
My wife and I just returned from our summer vacation in the UK. We had a fantastic time there and explored many places in Scotland, Wales and England. I had particularly high hopes to go surfing in Scotland but it was entirely flat while I was there. People are now saying that it has been the flattest July ever! At least we had fantastic weather and during our stay in Cornwall we were finaly able to find some waves.
As I wrote on VIMEO, this is NOT high performance surfing but loads of fun none the less :)
In the video Christina is using my Omni (my favourite mat!!!) and I'm riding a Vespa. In fact the Vespa turned out to be the perfect choice for me since I was able to catch waves as early as longboarders. I'm slowly getting the hang of catching waves early. The more I ride your mats the more I'm impressed with their performance. Thanks for making them!
Christina was having fun too as you can see in her smiles. These moments are the ones that I cherish the most. Sharing the stoke and having pure fun that is what mat riding is for me.

With kind regards


Anonymous said...

I dig these videos Tim, they're the definition of stoke!

Aaron said...

You have captured the very essence of matting, that which words cannot describe!

Geoffrey Levens said...

The laughing grin says it all-worth far more than a mere "1000 words"!

pranaglider said...


Festus Porkmeyer said...

Cherish indeed.