Sep 25, 2016

From Rob In Jacksonville ...


Loving the XL Super Sport! Chasing those inside closeouts is rewarding, you get barreled, and you get a free Chiropractic session! I couldn’t get enough!

These mats are so much fun! I don’t think I could be anymore stoked on them! I have really only had waves over 3’ once since buying both mats, but I’m getting a lot better at catching these small waves and milking any juice they have in them. I can’t wait to learn some more!

Photo by Chris Falzone.

Keep spreading the Stoke!



Anonymous said...

What ????? XL SUPER SPORT ?? Tell us more !!

Geoffrey Levens said...

Yes, custom? New model beta testing?

Robert Pollard said...

PG makes a Super Sport Model of each Mat. The fabric is pre broken in, and there is a slight amount of reverse rocker built into the mats. I was asking for a mat that would excel in weak conditions and the XL Super Sport has been extremely helpful in getting me into soft waves early. I'm still super new to mat surfing but I'm hooked!

PG said...

I should point out that all models with the Super Sport option are $300. They are a LOT more work!


Geoffrey Levens said...

Well worth the extra $ I think if you have the surf conditions or the body type to warrant it.