Sep 28, 2016

From Adam ...

Hi Paul,

The above video is of Paul N and I surfing one of my favorite pointbreaks, Coco Pops, just us out on a Sunny Monday morning....ran Paul straight over with my Omni..I never felt a thing either.

I had two of my oldest grandkids down last weekend and took them down to Gilligans for an adventure and swim, of course the surf was okay with just a handful out. As luck should have it, their parents came down early to pick them up, which left me a window of 3 hours to head back with a surf, so after grabbing Paul, we met up with Neal for a late soggy Sunday afternoon session.

Heaps of fun small waves to be had with a minimal crowd of longboarders to contend with.

Regards from OZ




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tuskedbeast said...


Boy we live in different realities- a while back at one of our overcrowded spots some guy I didn't know on a surfboard paddling out tried to high five me while I was riding. I didn't know what the fuck he was doing; I thought he was trying to punch me.