Sep 6, 2016

From John at J-Bay ...

 Hi Paul,

This is finally it.  I'm giving up traveling with kneeboards. The hassle of lugging them around and extra baggage charges just don't make sense when I'm riding a mat probably more than 95% of the time.

Anyway,  Jeffrey's Bay is amazing for mats.  Supertubes would be the absolute best mat wave in the universe except that you usually have to pull through the back of the wave at the end - that and entering and exiting the water isn't easy; razor sharp mussels and volcanic rock line the shore.

Throughout my travels with the air mats, I've encountered nothing but smiling people that are so stoked when you're flying past them.  They just provide this infectious happiness in tense places - the anti SUP!


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tuskedbeast said...

WOW gorgeous photos! Is that you walking w/mat in the top one?
We've wondered, you've done it. Awesome.